Sunday, February 26, 2012

Searching for the Best Alternative to Google Adsense

I remember when I was notified from Google that my AdSense account had been disabled.    I got the infamous email from Google Adsense with the subject of "Google Adsense account disabled".  It went on to say, "After reviewing our records, we've determined that your AdSense account poses a risk of generating invalid activity."   Notice it said that my account "poses a risk" and not that it specifically did generate any invalid click activity.   I had done nothing to violate their terms of service.  I never clicked on my own ads.  I never used songs, clips, or any copyrighted material.  I quickly filed an appeal, but was immediately denied.

I had first gotten involved with AdSense several months earlier.  I had started making video vlogs on YouTube when I was asked to monetize my content.  I also placed AdSense ads on my blog.   I would post several videos a week and my subscriber count was slowly but steadily growing.  I soon had 400 subscribers and was really enjoying the whole experience.

 I had never gotten a check from AdSense because I had never earned more than the $100.00 threshold.   Making videos was simply a hobby that I enjoyed.   However, if I could make a little cash that made it even more fun!  I have to say that losing your account with no warning and being banned for life, especially when I did nothing wrong, seems both unfair and just plain wrong.

When I lost my AdSense account, not only did I lose the ability to monetize my YouTube videos, I also could no longer monetize my blogs.  I understand that AdSense is the the biggest and probably the best advertising network.  Unfortunately, when they disable your AdSense account, basically you are banned for life.  I am still very unhappy about it, but I am determined to find the best alternatives to AdSense.  I would certainly like to hear any thoughts or suggestions you may have.  Maybe this has happened to you, I would love to hear your story!!