Sunday, February 26, 2012

Searching for the Best Alternative to Google Adsense

I remember when I was notified from Google that my AdSense account had been disabled.    I got the infamous email from Google Adsense with the subject of "Google Adsense account disabled".  It went on to say, "After reviewing our records, we've determined that your AdSense account poses a risk of generating invalid activity."   Notice it said that my account "poses a risk" and not that it specifically did generate any invalid click activity.   I had done nothing to violate their terms of service.  I never clicked on my own ads.  I never used songs, clips, or any copyrighted material.  I quickly filed an appeal, but was immediately denied.

I had first gotten involved with AdSense several months earlier.  I had started making video vlogs on YouTube when I was asked to monetize my content.  I also placed AdSense ads on my blog.   I would post several videos a week and my subscriber count was slowly but steadily growing.  I soon had 400 subscribers and was really enjoying the whole experience.

 I had never gotten a check from AdSense because I had never earned more than the $100.00 threshold.   Making videos was simply a hobby that I enjoyed.   However, if I could make a little cash that made it even more fun!  I have to say that losing your account with no warning and being banned for life, especially when I did nothing wrong, seems both unfair and just plain wrong.

When I lost my AdSense account, not only did I lose the ability to monetize my YouTube videos, I also could no longer monetize my blogs.  I understand that AdSense is the the biggest and probably the best advertising network.  Unfortunately, when they disable your AdSense account, basically you are banned for life.  I am still very unhappy about it, but I am determined to find the best alternatives to AdSense.  I would certainly like to hear any thoughts or suggestions you may have.  Maybe this has happened to you, I would love to hear your story!!


  1. Paul I get the sense that Adsense is a little shonky as you aren't the first person I have heard this happening to. Katie over at Runs For Cookies was banned and denied on appeal and she wasn't sure what she had done either.
    I have never used it, and after hearing about this type of thing it turns me off ever trying.
    Obviously they aren't too legit for those not making hundreds of dollars?

    1. Yes, I think that is a lot of it. However, having listened to many, many stories about it on YouTube, there are cases where the person banned had 15,000 subs--not a huge channel but not tiny. I really feel bad for the people who spent YEARS growing their channel/subs only to lose it. Of coarse the kicker is one strike and you are out for life!

      I wouldn't say don't try it because many are making money with no problems. I would say don't become "used" to it because it can go away.

      I have heard a lot of good about being an Amazon affiliate. I just put a banner on my blog. So far everyone trusts and likes Amazon. Maybe that would work for you too?

    2. There are other advertisers partners you can use -

      Adsense Alternatives

      Chitika : Shopping mall banner advertising. (CPC)
      AdBrite : Ad marketplace for publishers and advertisers. (CPC); 75% payout. : Large network. (CPA)
      24/7 RealMedia : Large network. (CPM)
      Burst Media : Large network. (CPM)
      Commission Junction : Large network. (CPA)
      Kanoodle : Large network. (CPC); 50% payout.
      LinkShare : Large network. (CPA)
      ValueClick : Large network. (CPM)

      Two Big

      Yahoo Publisher Network : Closed Beta (CPC)
      MSN adCenter : Closed Beta (CPC)

      A few more Advertising Networks

      Accelerator Media :
      AdAgency 1 : (CPM) ; 60% payout.
      AdDynamix : (CPM)
      AdEngage :
      Adgenta :
      Adhearus :
      AdKnowledge : (CPC)
      AdPepper : (CPM)
      ADServing Network : (CPM)
      Adsmart : (CPM)
      Adtegrity : (CPM)
      AdZuba : (CPM)
      AffiliateFuture : (CPA)
      AffiliateSensor :
      AllFeeds : (CPC); 60% payout.
      AVNads :
      AzoogleAds : (CPA)
      Banner Boxes : (CPC)
      BannerConnect : (CPM)
      BardzoMedia : (CPM)
      BidClix : (CPC)
      BidVertiser : (CPC)
      BlinkAds : (CPA)
      BlueFN : (CPA)
      BlueLithium : (CPM)
      Casale Media : (CPM); 70% payout.
      ClickAdsDirect :
      ClickBooth : (CPA)
      ClickShare :
      Clicksor : (CPC); upto 85% payout.
      ClickXchange : (CPA)
      ContexWeb : (CPC); 50% payout.
      CoverClicks :
      CPX Interactive/Budsinc : (CPM)
      DirectNetworks : (CPA)
      Enhance Interactive :
      Esource Media : (CPM)
      Etype-Europe : (CPM)
      EtypeUSA :
      ExpoActive :
      FastClick=ValueClick : (CPM); upto 65% payout.
      FluxAds : (CPA)
      HurricaneDigitalMedia : (CPM); 60/75% payout.
      Hyperbidder : (CPC)
      IncentaClick : (CPA)
      Industry Brains :
      Interclick :
      JoeTec : (CPM)
      Kontera : (CPC)
      Mamma Media Solutions : (CPC); 50% payout.
      MaxBounty : (CPA)
      Mirago :
      MIVA AdRevenue Xpress :
      Nixxie :
      Oridian : (CPA)
      Oxado : (CPC)
      Paypopup : (CPM)
      PeakClick :
      Popup Traffic : (CPM)
      Quigo : (CPC)
      RealCastMedia : (CPM)
      RealTech Network : (CPM)
      Revenue Pilot : (CPC); 60% payout.
      RightMedia : (CPM)
      Searchfeed : (CPC)
      ShareAShare : (CPA)
      TargetPoint : (CPC); at least 50% payout.
      TextLinkAds : (CPC)
      TMP Express : (CPA)
      Tremor Network :
      Tribal Fusion : (CPM)
      Veoda : (CPC) ; 60-90% payout.
      Vibrant Media IntelliTXT : (CPM)

    3. Thanks for the ton of info!!!

  2. im another adsense ban victim lol

    1. When did they ban you?? Were you doing YouTube of blogging? They took my adsense 2 days after Christmas...real nice. It still burns me because I did nothing wrong like so many others!

  3. Microsoft Advertising adCenter Microsoft Ad Network. PocketCents. TribalFusion Vibrant. ValueClick Media. ContextWeb Claxon. Clickcent. DynamicOxygen EpicDirect Casale BurstMedia. Black Label Ads. AdBull InfoLinks. Kontera.

  4. i was posting public domain movies and tv shows no copyrights i got claims on alot i disputed them and won i proved their was no copyrights then i got the email you got! my youtube channel is fine just no more ads to make money, im trying to find another network that google allows ads to be posted. banned a few days ago

  5. go here 150 plus Affiliate Networks and CPA Networks

  6. you can get back on adsense just use someone else name different email and make another blog,i know i been banned twice lol

    1. OK, but did you use a different address too? I never even got up to enough to get my first check when they banned me lol. My account had like $60.

  7. try this to this were i get my movies and tv shows public domain

  8. i used same address but gf name

  9. how they caught me i think cause i was disputing the silly copyright claims with my real name of other adsense account didnt relize it until i got banned lol

  10. my first adsense account i had like 500 movies up copyrights lol i put self hold on to be payed let it build i had almost 700,000 views in 4 weeks lol my money built to no lie almost 800 they kept the money and banned lol this last account spiderturd44 is my youtube channel now i had like 2.32 cents then i think they figured it out it was me then banned cause i proved the public domain movies had no copyrights,on this channel i got like 1700 something views old movies not like i had on other channel

    1. OK, I never had nowhere near that many views lol. It took me 4 months to get up to $60. $800 would really hurt!!

  11. if you do try it put everything in wife gf whoevers name phone number new email even blog put in that persons name dont have your name or email number on nothing