Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adsense Disabled

Since my AdSense account was disabled in December 2011, I could no longer monetize my YouTube content.  I was very upset at the time because I had invested a lot of time and effort building up my subscriber count.  So, I was determined to find an alternative to YouTube that would allow me to monetize my video content.  Let me just be frank and say it is slim pickings.  Sure there are many YouTube alternatives like Vimeo and Dailymotion that offer free video hosting.  However, I could only find one alternative that would let me monetize
Blip is the best alternative to YouTube that I could find.  It plays my videos flawlessly.  In addition, Blip has high quality advertisers with well produced advertisements.  To me, this is really important.  No one wants some crappy ads to be tied to your content!  This being said, Blip is not like YouTube.  They don't want to be.  The bar is definitely set higher at Blip.  They want the producers to think of their videos more as a show with episodes.  They do not encourage the "one off " type of viral video wannabes that are common on YouTube.  I suppose both have their place in the online world.
Blip has many things going good for it.  The only drawback  is that Blip is not a destination page like YouTube.   At least not for everyone.  Let me explain.  Let's suppose on YouTube  you make a video of someone eating ice cream while standing on their head.  If someone searches on YouTube for that, your video will come up.  That is not always the case on Blip.  There are two classes of producers at Blip.  I will call them approved and non approved.  If you are approved, you will come up on searches on the Blip homepage.  Unfortunately, I am not approved yet, so if you search for weight loss vlogs on Blip, mine will not come up.  This means I am solely responsible for driving traffic to generate any views.  To drive traffic, I tweet as well as post on Facebook.  I also make short "teaser" videos that I show on YouTube and ask my subscribers to watch over on
Blip is not YouTube, but it is the best alternative if you happen to lose your AdSense account.  I am thankful for it and glad that there is a least one other choice to Youtube for someone that wants to monetize content.  Let me know what you think.  I love to interact through comments with you!!  By the way, you can check out my channel at Blip here.

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