Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Google+ vs Facebook - A Comparison

Well it was about a week ago that I wrote I would try Google+.  At first blush, I liked the look and feel of Google+.  However, I knew it would take a little time to get the real feel of it.  A week ago, I was concerned that Google+ might just be redundant and unnecessary given that we all seem to use Facebook.  I was wrong.

Google+ has a very different vibe going on than Facebook.  First, I would say Google plus+ feels snappy and looks clean.  Facebook by comparison has a lot of ads.  I wouldn't say Facebook is spammy yet, but not too far from it.  Second, people on Google+ seem much more open and accepting than those on Facebook.  Facebook feels like it is more for personal friends and family whereas Google+ seems to be more about meeting new people you don't already know.  I think this is because the idea of different circles or levels of intimacy and privacy were with Google+ from the start whereas with the original Facebook version this wasn't an option.

I really like that you can search out on Google+ for topics.  This is very useful to find other people that are sharing and interested in a certain topic.  When I was only on Facebook, I never felt that I was missing anything, but now it seems really lacking in the ability to reach out to others.  After all is not that point of social networking?

Of coarse Google+ can feel a little commercialized when you search.  For example I want to find others that are interested in weight loss.  When you search, it seems to me that about 80% will be people selling diet pills versus 20% who are blogging or discussing weight loss.  However, finding the 20% seems worth it because for the most part the people seem friendly and open to conversation.

I am not giving up Facebook anytime soon.  Facebook is the go-to site to find your friend from childhood simply because it is so massive.  Right now Google+ just doesn't have a very wide reach.  If you start putting in your friends from Facebook, you will be shocked by the number of people who do not use it.  However I am certainly enjoying using it.  I am meeting new and interesting people.  I just hope more people will try it out.  Feel free to circle me.  The button is on the top right. What are your thoughts?  Which do you prefer and why?

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