Thursday, March 15, 2012

Firefox vs Chrome

Last week I wrote an article about the annoying Composition Editor Box that constantly pops up when writing with Chrome on Blogger.  Since the good folks a Google/Chrome/Blogger haven't changed this, I decided to try Firefox. 

So, I downloaded Firefox and have been using it for a day.  The good news is while I am writing this there is no stupid composition editor box blocking where I need to read.  I do a lot of blogging so it was worth the download of Firefox just to get rid of that maddening box.

I have to admit I have been a Chrome user since forever.  I really like Chrome in that it is sleek and snappy.  I remember when Chrome first came out, it seemed so much faster than the others. Today, I was pleasantly surprised to see Firefox was fast and snappy now.  However, there was something that I missed.

Why on earth does Firefox simply open a new tab page that is blank?  Of coarse when you open a new tab page in Chrome you have your most visited sites there just waiting for you to click them.  In Firefox you get a blank page that is useless.  Who thought that a blank page is helpful?  At least have it load your homepage.  The answer is to download an extension written by who knows, to do it.

Well no thanks.  Firefox should come all setup with this feature built in.  Until then, I will stick with Chrome to do most of my browsing.  However, until Blogger fixes the composition editor box, I will use Firefox for writing!

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