Monday, March 5, 2012 Revenue Data Problems

I am on record here on this blog as being a fan of  I feel Blip is the best alternative to Adsense if you have been banned and wish to monetize your video content.  However, the fact that they are the only choice for an Adsense alternative certainly comes into play.

Lately there seems to be a problem updating the revenue earned for video views.  The view counter seems to be working, but the revenue data is not updating.  Blip put out a bulletin that stated that since February 24, all accounts have seen revenue data delayed. It goes on to say that they will fix this problem as soon as possible.  Well, it is now March 5 - 10 days later and it has not been fixed.  While I can see some delays as being normal,  I sure hope they will get this fixed soon.  I just hope that it is not the sign of a larger problem.  I certainly hope they don't see the revenue portion of the Blip experience as unimportant!  As far as I know there is no other choice available to those seeking to monetize video without YouTube and Adsense.  If you know of any others, please let me know.

****UPDATED on 3/11/12  Finally everything seems to be back to normal at Blip.  The revenue amounts on each video are updating properly now.

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